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God’s Way to an A upcoming seminar


I am pleased to announce that I will be equipping students for intellectual and emotional victory in their studies through my upcoming God’s Way to an A seminar here in Va. Beach.  If you have been seeking God for a breakthrough in your studies, this training is for you.  I have seen amazing skyrockets in students’ personal and academic life through this eye opening, paradigm changing approach to learning.  Trust me, you will never approach learning the same way again.  If it’s time for you to stop striving, start abiding, and enjoy soaring–PLEASE don’t waste another moment in academic torture!  Sign up today. Make the investment in yourself.  God has a more excellent way for you.  The workshop is geared for college and grad students.  Interested high school seniors accepted upon request.  Email me at:     To register: Go to:  Click on “events.”


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Hope to see you there!  Veronica

Join us for the Big Bloomers Golf Clinic this Sunday

Please join me Sunday, September 21 from 3 to 5 pm
at Longleaf Country Club in Pinehurst
The 4 Movements to the Golf Swing
 The 4 Movements to Becoming a Big Bloomer!
Hello Friends!
How often have you and I heard the phrase, “Golf is a man’s game?”  As many times as I have looked down the driving range and realized I was the only woman working on my swing in the company of 25 or so men, I just happened to know better:  Golf is a woman’s game—and a passion of mine is to do golf a girl’s way!
That’s why I have decided to use the game to empower women to create a more beautiful life.  While I have used the language with many of you of becoming a champion, in my life-coaching to women, I like to use the term “blossoming.”  Both terms are about releasing your potential to become the best version of yourself.
Mom became the best version of herself when she took up the game at 85 and broke free from a 6 month death sentence due to a terminal heart condition and a death wish to literally blossom while she was dying.  She lived almost 7 more years
and finished strong–Together we re-created her legacy.

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Birdies for Grandma!

alysaWith the thrill of the Opens now almost at a bygone simmer, I wonder what will forever remain etched in my memory upon reflection of the event as time moves on.  You see, winners come and go.  I found it amazing that Kaymer who won by an amazing ten shots failed to make the cut in his next tournament.  Wie bowed to Lewis who seized backed her champion position in her next event.  Isn’t it the nature of the game that what brings a thrill in one moment vanishes into the parched brown fairway to wither away in sports history oblivion in the next.

Every now and then, however, I meet a true champion, someone whose impact upon my life never fades away, even years after meeting that person. A true champion is someone who impresses you more about who they are than about what they score.  I met such a person in ten year old Alyssa Getty. Continue reading

A Lesson from Lucy Li: Be a bloomer!


The U.S. Kids World Championship has always been one of my favorite events of the year here in Pinehurst.  There’s nothing like watching a seven year old swing with the ease and power of an up and coming Tiger Woods and wishing I could replicate that child’s near perfect swing!  My involvement this year, however, was different.  Continue reading

To Quit or Not to Quit


Golf is a funny game.  Unlike other sports, we golfers are haunted on a regular basis with the “quitting demons.”  Why is it that in just about every round of golf or in just about every championship quest a golfer pursues, there is the temptation to quit the game?  The thought has never occurred to me in playing volleyball or tennis or in any other sport.

I think it is in the nature of the beast.  Without question, golf is the hardest sport I have ever played.  When I took up tennis, I could take long layoffs and pick the game back up right where I left off.  The same is true for racquetball.  But golf?  Take some time off and off kiss your game good-bye if you want to play with any consistency.

Today was a real game changer for me because just when I decided to set the game aside for a season, some unsuspecting force came along to open up my mind, release my inner athlete, and get me excited about a whole new pursuit.  Oh, gimme a break!  Just when I was relishing in the thought of giving myself permission to walk away from the torture and frustration of pressing through to the next level, Frank Lewis had to enter into my life—and give me fresh hope—just went I didn’t want any!  Continue reading

Teddy-Boy Memorial Tribute and Dog Bone Open

teddy tribute 2

One of the things I enjoyed most about the U.S. Opens was all the people I met.  It was great to strike up a conversation with a total stranger and have it be totally appropriate because we were all talking the same language surrounding the same story.  Hey, I even learned a brand new vocabulary word while shooting the breeze with a lady on the back of the eighth tee.

“This is such a great place to stand,” she said. “The shade makes the heat bearable and the zephyrs are quite consistent.”  “What’s a zephyr?”  I asked.  “A zephyr is an unexpected cool breeze on a hot day.”  Just as she was talking, one blew through lifting the burden of high heat off my sweaty brow.  The truth is, if you are going to have to endure a hot day, you might as well do it under some shade in the line of the zephyrs.

The same is true for breezing through a tough loss.  After I made it through the Opens hit with the loss of my beloved doggie, Teddy-boy, during tournament week, I decided that what I needed most was a few zephyrs.  If you want to experience a cool breeze on a hot day, the first thing you have to do is know where the breezes are and then position yourself in the line of them.  If it works on a parched brown fairway, it will also work in the parched spots in your home where your beloved doggie used to sit, eat, or sleep.  Continue reading

Champion Mindset of the Week: Affirm the champion identity in yourself and others!

Champion Mindset of the Week:  Repeat after me:  “I AM a champion!  YOU are a champion!”

I often refer to my clients/students when I speak to them as “Champion Marilyn” or “Champion Sue.” I call them by the name that reflects how I see them, their true identity. I believe there is a champion in everyone.  It’s a powerful word, isn’t it?

Most people I come across do not see themselves as a champion.  When I was working at the Greg Norman CHAMPIONS Golf Academy, I would go out on the golf course and observe twelve 17 year old boys from Mexico play their game.  I would observe who would play like a champion and who would not.  I would not judge their champion identity from their score, but by how they carried themselves on the course–by how they conducted themselves and by what they demonstrated to me.

One day I was observing Fernando.  Watching him play, he looked like he was on the PGA tour.  If he hit a good shot, if he hit a bad shot, you could not tell how well or how poorly he was playing, because his emotions were so consistently calm.  I was so impressed with him, even though he was not having the best day score-wise.  When we got back to the classroom, I said in front of all the other boys, “Fernando, you are such a champion.  Today, I saw you behaving like a PGA player out there, I was so impressed.”  As I spoke into his champion identity, you could see that he never had anyone tell him what I was telling him about himself.  I could see that he was not seeing himself as I saw him, but as I spoke LIFE to him, I could see that he was drinking in affirmation about connecting to his true identity as a champion.

Within a matter of just a few weeks, he went out and won his first tournament.  I have to believe by making a deposit of identity affirmation to this young man, he was able to connect to his higher self and began to “play from his spirit.”

This past week I did not qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open.  I shot two rounds in the eighties.  This was a three year goal I had for myself.  The good news is, I did not sink in my emotions.  There was no despair or negativity whatsoever.  Why?  Because I had the power of others speaking to my champion identity. I felt so much love and affirmation through my Caddy Club support system which I intentionally created to give myself the encouragement I needed, that when I did not qualify, a wave of love washed any spirit of defeat off of my true champion identity which I define as an overcomer.

There is SO MUCH more to say about my journey that I want to share with you, but for this week, for just today, I want to encourage you to  live, work, and breathe from your champion identity—say to yourself outloud, “I am a champion!”  and then instead of judging o speaking about that person who you see is not living up to their true champion identity, go speak to the champion in someone else who can’t see what you see in them. Who knows?  There may be a first place finisher just waiting to emerge in them as there was in Fernando.  And even if there isn’t in the moment, you will call someone else up higher to be their best selves.  Isn’t that what we all need a little more of in our world, and what we all crave for, someone else to come along and help wash off the crud of negativity so that our excellent spirit can shine more powerfully?

Inspiring you to hit your best shot, Veronica

I have One More Spot Open-  Breakthrough to Your A Game workshop Pinewild Country Club, tomorrow, June 5, 9 to 4 in Pinehurst