The Force of Faith

I have had an amazing week that has started with discouragement and ended in a great shot of empowerment.  When I realized that my true move was going to be more of a long term fix than a short term fix, I lost a lot of my confidence.  I didn’t think that this could actually happen.  Then while praying with a friend of mine, a certain Scripture came to her mind:  Hebrews 10:35–which speaks about not flinging away your confidence which has a great compensation of reward.  This Scripture really spoke to my heart because I saw that in the place of my physical weak point of my swing, I had to go “to a different place” in my thoughts. Instead of giving up, I had to place my faith in God.  In the cavity of my need, I could give up or look to God, and I decided to trust God with a living faith in Him.  And guess what?  He showed up!

Yesterday I played a practice round with Alan, who is going to be my caddy for the event. I met Alan on the golf course while playing through a group.  In just a few minutes of chit chat,  I asked if he knew anyone from the club who could caddy for me.  Much to my surprise, he offered to do so.  Little did I know that he was a champion  golfer himself, and knew the course better than anybody’s business. 

When I played golf with him yesterday, he was so totally positive, competent, motivating, and helpful, that I knew I was sent a real master to help me.  We even worked out a swingthought for my swing to work much better on the course.  I experienced the power of partnership just the way I did with the caddy that empowered me to qualify for the last U.S. Open I played in.  My special caddy and the shot of confidence he gave me was a direct result of the force of my faith in God to put His strength in my weakness.  All I need to do now is work on my driver and fairway woods, and practice my short game like crazy–and I will indeed have a real shot at this!

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