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Release Your Inner Champion Workshop for Women 12/8/19

Release Your Inner Champion

Launch into Your True Identity and Champion Voice for the New Year!

A “training for reigning” workshop for women

Sunday,  December 8, 2019                                                                                               4 to 6  pm                                                                                                                                     Safe Harbor Church, Sanford, FL                                                                                         Free registration, RSVP required

Are you built for something more but still not living it?

Are you done with your past but don’t know how to create your future?

Are you ready to silence your old bed-fellows of defeat, fear, shame, and inadequacy to rise up and live from victory?

It’s your time to step into the new year loved, valuable, worthy, free and whole—and awaken to your God-given dream!

Join Veronica Karaman, author, speaker, professional athlete, and peak performance coach for an interactive, practical coach training to release your full potential.

In this faith-based workshop open to all women, you will learn how to apply champion mindsets from sports to step out of your old identity and patterns of defeat into your new, God-given identity and patterns of victory to win in the game of life, purpose, and a fulfilled calling.  You will also have the chance to get an autographed copy of Veronica’s new book on peak performance, The Champion’s Way.     

It’s time for new mindsets for a new decade!


You will engage with other women and learn how to train your mind to think like a champion so you can be one and start winning afresh in the game of life, purpose, and a fulfilled calling:


*Slay the voice of your inner critic—the one that speaks defeat, shame, fear, and guilt—and start expressing your champion voice—the one that speaks victory, strength, triumph, and pursuit of purpose.

*Discover a proven process to connect to your most powerful self to start consistently living from victory.

*Learn the four champion zones for taking leap in your life and personal goals  *Step into your true champion identity as you connect your head and your heart to your most authentic self and voice

*Engage with other women as we take flight together to rise up and activate our God-given dreams for the new decade we are entering.                                         


You will also have the chance to get an autographed copy of Veronica’s  brand new book on peak performance, The Champion’s Way                                           




Veronica reminds women of who they are and helps them get in touch with their warrior spirit. Becky

When she speaks, God moves powerfully through Veronica to break barriers.  Beth

When I felt woefully inadequate to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor, Veronica’s coaching helped me transform my identity, graduate my program at the top of my class, and get into the medical school of my choice!  Larissa

Veronica’s personal experience with professional sports gives her a unique perspective on success and character development. We are grateful for the chance to work with Veronica and would recommend her to anyone interested in pursuing personal goals.  Linda Mintle, Ph.D.

I was stuck in my life.  Now I am pursing my life-long dream. I was dead and now I am alive!            Julie

I was allowing my life to run me instead of me running my life. Veronica’s coaching empowered me to be in charge of my life again. Sharon

Veronica helped me to see that my desires were worth pursuing. She helped me to take the steps to step out and pursue my life-long dream of being an actress—even in my senior years!                        Ova Jean

This is a faith-based presentation. Women all backgrounds are welcome.

UPDATE ON REGISTRATION:  We are pleased to announce that registration is free and open to all women.  All you need to do is RSVP to:

Location:  Safe Harbor Church                                                                                                                  730 Upsala Road, Sanford, FL 32771

For more info, contact


The founder of True Champion Coaching and Veronica Karaman Ministries, Inc., Veronica is a graduate of Duke University and Regent University. She holds two master’s degrees in Biblical Studies and Communication, graduating Regent as a Beasley Scholar and the Most Outstanding Student in her class.  She is the author of seven books. The 2017 winner of the TN Senior Women’s Open, Veronica is a champion golfer, a dynamic communicator, and master performance coach.

Veronica’s mission in life is transformation. She uses champion mindsets from sports to powerfully move women of all ages and situations out of their critical, negative voice and into their champion voice for breakthrough results.  You will engage with other women to unlock your potential, empowering you to say good-bye to your past and hello to your future, now!

Let’s take flight together in 2020!