Monday, May 31, From setbacks to comeback

This past week has been an amazing journey running the gammit from wanting to quit to getting excited to play.  I have had a lot of setbacks, mainly my health, which has made me question my readiness of preparation for a really grueling day ahead of me.  I was so fatigued this past week, and then on top of that, my past shoulder injuries re-emerged from hitting a lot of golf balls.  My muscles were so tight, they began to cement together.  Just when I lost all of my own strength, God sent real encouragement to me.  A friend gifted me to go to Pinehurst Resort for a massage and day of rejuvination.  WOW!  If you ever want to go somewhere where it feels like you’re a thousand miles away, the Pinehurst Spa is it!  It’s amazing what comes to you in a place of stillness and renewal.  Let’s face it. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING feminine about golf.  It pulls at all the masculine energy at me, and leaves me life-less.  But the moment I got in touch with the real me–not the golfer, but the woman, I felt fresh strength re-emerge.  Sometimes we do things from the edge of who we are.  Going to the spa helped me to re-discover my sweetspot–the feminine side of me. It was so great to just be still, let go, enjoy the jetting water against my sore back–and then some deep tissue work.  Yikes, it was painful at first, but felt so great to get some of that stress out of me.  I spent 6 hours there and will return again, hopefully soon.  What do you do when you need recovery?  I mean recovery that sends energy to you?  I think we all need some more “time outs” for renewal to handle the stress of our times.  But just when I thought all was well, I had another setback.

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    Thanks Maria, I am wondering what it is in particular that is “speaking” to you? Would welcome your feedback. Thanks for your encouragement.

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