Release Your Inner Champion – Beginner Golf School for Women, Friday, April 26th

  Veronica Karaman’s Release Your Inner Champion!                                                                                Beginner Golf School for Women

 Join us for an unforgettable day of golf, learning, networking, and leadership growth              Unleash your personal power both on and off the course!

 Friday, April 26                                                                                                                                 Casselberry Golf Club,  300 S Triplet Lake Dr.                                                                               8:00 am – 1 pm

This is a perfect one day fun intensive for beginners and those who need mentoring in the fundamentals.

  8:00-11:00 am   Instruction in Putting, Chipping, and the Full Swing                                                                          How to practice with a purpose                                                                     11:00-11:30        Champion Mindset Training: Ditch Your Inner Critic and Release Your                                        True  Champion!                                                                                                     11:30-12:30        Getting on the Course with Confidence:  An on-course challenge match       12:30-1:00          Debriefing Session and Concluding Remarks

** The week before:  You will receive two on-line video lessons on the grip and set-up

If you are looking to build relationships with other professional women, grow in your confidence, and develop your golf game, this day is for you!

Early bird Fee before April 15:  $229   Regular fee from April 15 on: $239     Student-teacher ratio 6 to 1

Fee includes:  5 hours of instruction plus 2 pre-school video lessons on the grip and set-up, gift, prizes, Instruction notes 

Contact Veronica Karaman for more info and to sign-up:    757-407-1907 



Veronica is a high performance coach, professional golfer, and founder of The Champion’s Way:  Core Foundations for Achieving Peak Performance in Sports and Life, 2017 TN Senior Women’s Open Champ 


What others are saying:

Veronica has an amazing gift of communication and reaching out to others. E. Beisiegel, LPGA Tour Player

After 30 years of playing the game, someone named Veronica finally turned the light-bulb on!  She is a great teacher.  Rosalie P.

I just had my first lesson with Veronica.  What a great lady and a very good teacher.  She can really pinpoint your problem and tell you how to correct it.  I was so impressed with her as a person and an instructor.  Janet W.

 Veronica is gifted with an ability to relate to people of various ages and skill levels.  She has a real flare for teaching.   Nora M.

I felt very good after our session today and feel I’m on the right path – thanks to you. Kathy W.

I improved 10 strokes in 9 holes, and even had a natural birdie as a 28 handicapper!  I made significant advances in my golf game in just one day, thanks to Veronica’s teaching.  Becky P.

Veronica is very upbeat and explains everything to our group in a clear and interesting way.  I felt she was interested in us as individuals.  She was warm, caring, and I learned many good ideas on how to improve my game.  M. P. Carl

I just wanted to let you know that your lessons are working!!! On Tuesday we played in the Founder’s Day Tournament and I won it with a low net of 69! My net score was the only one below par. Lori A.

I just love golf! Your ears should be itching because I’m constantly saying “Thank you Veronica” while I’m on the course!  Peggy F.

I wanted to thank you for something in addition to my swing improvements: I love playing golf again; I  get such a joy from playing that hasn’t been there in years, thanks to you.  KC S., USGA Rules Official


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