May 6, 2010 A leap forward: The Power of Mastering Your Processes

Today I did something that I could not do last week.  Last week I could only walk nine holes of golf, and then I petered out, although I played 27 holes total in that particular day.  Today I play the golf course at Duke University, walked and carried my bag for 18 holes!  And then I walked for another hour when I got home!  That means I took a big leap forward in my progress of being able to walk 14 miles in one day, which is what I will have to do on June 3rd, for the Open Qualfier. 

The other cool thing that happened today is that I met some really neat guys, with whom I played the front nine.  They were from Travelers Rest, South Carolina:  David, Jay, Mikey, and Robbie.  They were at Duke to support their friend, Mikey, who has cancer and is here for treatment. I was so impressed with Mikey’s spirit.  You would never know he was battling with his own personal championship, so far more important than hitting a little white golf ball.  However, it just goes to show you how hitting a little white ball can really be “white ball therapy,”  giving you some fun in the sun, and a time out from “the battle.”  I must admit, I was inspired by Mikey’s spirit and the awesome support of his friends.  Life really is so much easier when we have the support we need at the level we need it at from others.

I think they all inspired me because on the first hole I hit a seven iron 3 feet from the pin and birdied the first hole!  Then I bogied the second–and proceeded to birdie the third hole, drilling in another putt from about 10 feet.  I shot 75–with 4 birdies.  It felt good to actually feel like an athlete out there. On the back nine, I hit a really good iron to a hole, and a group of guys who were driving by, stopped and clapped at my shot. That made me feel really good. It has been soooo long since I have felt like a professional golfer.  What was amazing about today was that I didn’t feel like I had a long layoff at all. 

I also realized the power of mastering your processes.  I have been diligent at hitting 50 GOOD  long shots, 50 GOOD short game shots, and 50 GOOD putts–GOOD is measured by a certain proximity to the hole, so it’s much more than just hitting that many shots–it’s hitting that many GOOD shots.  Today I chipped great, putted great, and hit a lot of good long shots.  I was able to do that because I have been focusing on mastering my processes.  My true move was not so good today because I was out playing, but it is coming along.  I just have to keep plugging.

Before Mikey left, I expressed my faith for God to heal him–please pray for his total healing.

I also realized today the power of drinking water.  I felt like I drank a whole ocean full of water because I am still nursing this kidney stone, and didn’t want to become dehydrated.  When I got home, I was amazed at how good I felt–didn’t have that weak, fainting feeling like I have had so many times before.  Guess I will have to continue my 10-12 glasses of water a day!  It made a very vigorous day seem much more doable than before.

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