Healing Mother-Daughter Relationships

Friends, I am in the process of writing and completing a book on the amazing journey of reconciliation and complete healing of my relationship with my mother before she passed away.  Through that journey of 7 years, I learned amazing truths and insights which I have shared with other women who want to reach their mother’s heart and create great memories before it’s too late.  Women have seen great results by using the strategies and insights I have shared to create threir own mother-daughter breakthroughs.  If you would like to be part of an 8 week teleclass course on healing mother-daughter relationships where you would also review my book and help me to complete it, please comment and then send me an email at veronica@truechampioncoaching.com.  I am looking for 100 women who would make a minimal investment of $149 for this 8 week course which would start in January.  This post is an initial  survey to see if there is enough interest to do this.  This is a “learn and then put into action” training.

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