God’s Way to an A Student Testimony

God’s way to an A has been a true blessing for me. I have always grown up in the church but I have never combined my education with my religion. I felt like they were always on two different categories. I always prayed when I needed something. For example before a test, quiz, when I was struggling in a class, but never took the time out to pray before I sat down and started studying. But God’s way to an A has taught me so much about meditating/praying before I get into my studies. I feel more relaxed and free with nothing stressful on my mind. God’s way to an A has opened up my eyes and also gave me an opportunity to read other people’s testimonies and to understand that God is everywhere. You just have to seek Him out.  I just want to thank you for God’s Way to an A!  Veronica you have been a blessing to me and my classmates.  Rosa, ORU       Ready to stop the cycle of struggle and start the joy of learning?  Join us Tues. Nov. 15 at 7 pm eastern. Sign up at godswaytoana.com or the link on the blog!

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