April 24, 2010 Finding My True Move

Have you ever wished for, prayed for, strived for, searched for something for 30 years–and then giving up hoping that it will come to pass?  And then it  comes to pass?  Well, that’s what happened to me TODAY!  I told God, “Listen, if going for this U.S. Open Qualifying is Your idea, and I believe it is, then I am not going to go into it with my delibitated swing.  No way.  Too much torture.  Either give me my new move today, which means a real solution to hitting it over the top, and destroying  my power and consistency, or I am not doing this.”  Something in my soul simply closed the door shut to the repeating of an old reality.  I needed a new swing—and I needed my swing coach, Kelly at Pinehurst Resort, to come up with a miracle. 

I did ask God in prayer whom I should see for a golf lesson.  That was a prayer item I never brought to prayer before.  Out of the blue, I heard Him say, “Kelly at the Resort.”  So I called him up.  He gave me a good lesson last week, but I couldn’t feel what the right move was.  On the drive down from Cary to Pinehurst, I called my friend Barbara to see how she was doing.  “Barbara, I need a miracle in my swing today.”  She got right down to praying and declaring my breakthrough would come today.

I arrived at the golf course expectant and straight forward with my coach.  “Kelly, I am really needing your help for a breakthrough in my swing–and I need it today.  God sent me to you and I believe you have an answer for me.”  He quickly responded, “If you want to fix that move, then you have to get your club pointing in the opposiste direction at the top of the swing.  You have to feel like you are laying the club off–and make it as exaggerated as you can.”

We got right into the move of it.  “This feels twisted,” I said as I placed my hands in the opposite direction on the backswing.  “No,” Kelly replied, “What you were doing was twisted.  This is untwisted.”  Isn’t it interesting how we can do something wrong for so long that when we finally get it right that it feels wrong.  He went on, “You have got to stop relying on feeling.  Just go to this position.”  I hit some balls and then bam!  I got one right and it it solid.  “Wow!” Kelly exclaimed.  “I can’t believe you got it that quick—in terms of being able to make that laid off move and hit it solid.  I’m impressed!”  Let’s take a look at the video.  We went inside where he compared my false move with my true move.  “That’s amazing!” Kelly exclaimed.  “Your club moved 55 degrees in the other direction!  You got to the ball 7  frames sooner in the new move.  Think of how much more speed you have now that you don’t have to fix anything on the way down!  We were both thrilled–I got my breakthrough!

I left the golf course with true hope.  I know I will have a real challenge ahead of me when I apply my new move under pressure on the golf course, but for now, I know I HAVE a new move, know how to create it–and I have a good coach to help me reinforce my miracle breakthrough!

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  1. Karen

    Hey Veronica!
    I want to learn that tip for your drive!! I remember you talking about your coach Jon! Keep up the great work!
    God Bless

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