The Second Blossoming Intro Event – Monday, August 17th


The Second Blossoming Ladies Evening Out                                                                                        Power for Living Your Best Life Now                                                                                               Monday,  August 17th, 6:30-8:30 pm

As a life-coach with a deep history in competitive athletics, I am always noticing the connection between sports performance and personal growth.  One of the distinguishing features of champions is that they have less thoughts than others and can sustain them longer. That means they can think a new thought and bring that thought into reality by “holding” to itover time and execute it until it happens. Not so with the average person.

One of the benefits of coaching is to have the support you need to step out and try something new and keep “holding” to that thought over time until the new thought gets rooted in your life and you see the breakthrough you have only been “wishing” for or “praying” for forever!

It has been beautiful to see women in the Second Blossoming come into the community with only the hope of something new–and now they are beginning to SEE that something new:

A brand new mother-daughter breakthrough when it appeared impossible                                       A brand career path opening up because it is now being acted upon when it was previously a   dream                                                                                                                                                            An open mind for a second blossoming with your spouse                                                                      A letting go of negativity and blame to align yourself for new possibilitiesA letting go of being “the caretaker” to become the “dream maker” for a fresh outlook on life and freedom of emotion.

I am so thrilled to see all these new blossoms open up and I want to extend an invitation to you and yours to join us for the next Summer of Transformation intro session. It’s not too late!  Please join me for our next intro to The Second Blossoming Life-Coaching session on August 15!  Info below.


Feeling stuck?  Have you lost your sense of self and where your life is? Have you been yearning for a new beginning but don’t know how to get there? Are you wondering how to find your life, your voice, and the fulfilling life you desire?

You are cordially invited to a special life-coach introductory training with Professional life-coach , Veronica Karaman on how to step out of the old and into the new to create a new you and a life you love. It’s your time now!

Monday, August 17, 6:30-8:30 pm

at the corner of 35th and Holly at the Oceanfront – First Baptist Church –  The Parlor               401 35th St., Va Beach

Discover:  3 Keys for stepping out of the old and into the new                                                       The number one mindset shift in getting unstuck and moving forward                              How to start loving yourself first! 

You will step into a brand new inner freedom and direction for life as you learn to cultivate your inner garden and

Enjoy connecting at the heart level with other inspiring women

“Veronica reminds us who we are as women and connects us to our warrior spirit.” Becky, NC

“Through The Second Blossoming I found the courage to dream again.”  Lynn C., Va. Beach

“Veronica’s coaching gave me great confidence to pursue and find my dream job.”  Kim D.

These sessions are limited to 25 women and will fill up quickly.  Register today to secure your spot.

To Register, call 407-1907  or email:                            $25 introductory fee.     Payment on-line at:     (Breakthrough)  


Saturday, August 1  10 am til 11:30

$60  Bring a friend and it’s $50 each

Virginia Beach National Golf Course

call to sign up!  407-1907

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