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The Bloom Trophy

rose trophyI love trophies. As symbols of accomplishment, I have enjoyed collecting, preserving, and letting go of my golf trophies over the years.  It has been interesting for me to see how people value, display, and even define the meaning behind their trophies.

The other day I was watching a television show that highlighted Arnold Palmer. They showed his office with every trophy and award he has ever won filling his walls like well-worn wallpaper.  He had a case off all his golf balls of the championships he won.  Each time he would win a major, he would create another empty space in anticipation for his next championship ball to find a home.  What a great mindset. Continue reading

The Inner Garden Club – Coaching Program

Inner Garden Club

The Inner Garden Club:  We are a community of spiritually intelligent women over 50 who are ready to blossom again by claiming or reclaiming our own power and by tending to one another’s souls.  Our aim is to be strong and in full bloom in every season of our lives as we grow in harmony with the Master Gardener and His design.  The Inner Garden Club is an emotionally safe mentoring environment for women to open up our hearts, share our stories, find comfort, and awaken to new possibilities with joy.

See My Garden Grow: A 6 week group coaching intensive focusing on the foundations of personal growth and developing authentic relationships through coaching conversations. This is for the woman who:   *Wants to explore personal growth and learn the relational dynamics of developing and enjoying rich relationships with herself and others.   *Wants to learn how to look within without being afraid to embark upon the journey of self-discovery, to love and honor who she is as she awakens to her identity in this present season.                                                                                                                                                            *Feels like she has slipped into caretaking mode and is losing herself, her connection with her spouse, and finds her soul starving for life-giving connection.   *Has experienced loss and desires to move forward, become fully alive again, finding both success and fulfillment in this season.   *Wants to reclaim a challenging relationship and needs the support, mentoring, and encouragement to “go there.”

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Teddy-Boy Memorial Tribute and Dog Bone Open

teddy tribute 2

One of the things I enjoyed most about the U.S. Opens was all the people I met.  It was great to strike up a conversation with a total stranger and have it be totally appropriate because we were all talking the same language surrounding the same story.  Hey, I even learned a brand new vocabulary word while shooting the breeze with a lady on the back of the eighth tee.

“This is such a great place to stand,” she said. “The shade makes the heat bearable and the zephyrs are quite consistent.”  “What’s a zephyr?”  I asked.  “A zephyr is an unexpected cool breeze on a hot day.”  Just as she was talking, one blew through lifting the burden of high heat off my sweaty brow.  The truth is, if you are going to have to endure a hot day, you might as well do it under some shade in the line of the zephyrs.

The same is true for breezing through a tough loss.  After I made it through the Opens hit with the loss of my beloved doggie, Teddy-boy, during tournament week, I decided that what I needed most was a few zephyrs.  If you want to experience a cool breeze on a hot day, the first thing you have to do is know where the breezes are and then position yourself in the line of them.  If it works on a parched brown fairway, it will also work in the parched spots in your home where your beloved doggie used to sit, eat, or sleep.  Continue reading

Love Stingers at the U.S. Opens

The U.S. Women’s Open went off without a hitch.  The sun and crowds came out. Our anticipated favorite, Michele Wie, won to our delight.  I wish I could say the same for my own world as I was hit with an unexpected blow right in the middle of the tournament.

Wednesday afternoon I picked up my dog from my neighbor’s house and noticed he was acting kind of strange.  Not wanting to miss my favorite beach music band, The Band of Oz, I quickly fed him and sped off to Southern Pines. Since dance and worry don’t make a good mix, I stayed for just about an hour then came home.  Later, I went to give him his last potty break for the evening. As I reached for his collar, without any advanced notice, he turned around and feverously bit me.

Three trips to the vet and a day and a half later, on Friday at 3 pm, I had to put down my beloved American Eskimo Spitz, Teddy-boy. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  He fought a valiant fight against that dreaded disease of diabetes.  At fourteen years old, a bacterial infection complicated his already weakened state and when he quit eating, he quickly debilitated beyond hope for recovery.

Death, loss, grief and two more days at the U.S. Open.  You wouldn’t think those unlikely dynamics would make good playing partners, but somewhere in the heart of Providence, they did.  As a performance coach, I am always thinking about how to accelerate progress in people’s lives.  I knew going to the Opens for two more days would tremendously help to keep my mental focus outward. Continue reading

Creating A Shot of Joy with Your Family over the Holidays

“If you look closely enough at something, it will reveal its secrets to you.” This insight from George Washington Carver helped him to discover over 300 uses of the peanut. I also found it to be true about golf. I am sure that most people who play the game would be delighted to have a few secrets revealed to them on how to break 100 consistently. However, I have discovered some of the best secrets of the game have nothing to do with scoring on the course. Rather, they have to do about scoring in relationships. And what better time of the year than around the holidays to make better connections, especially with your family. So if you are dreading to see Uncle Boe-boe head at your annual Christmas dinner as much as you do hitting a shot over a monstrous looking lake, take heart! Here are 5 secrets on how to turn strife-filled family relationships into fresh family joy. I call my golf-inspired strategy “creating a shot of joy.”
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Healing Mother-Daughter Relationships

Friends, I am in the process of writing and completing a book on the amazing journey of reconciliation and complete healing of my relationship with my mother before she passed away.  Through that journey of 7 years, I learned amazing truths and insights which I have shared with other women who want to reach their mother’s heart and create great memories before it’s too late.  Women have seen great results by using the strategies and insights I have shared to create threir own mother-daughter breakthroughs.  If you would like to be part of an 8 week teleclass course on healing mother-daughter relationships where you would also review my book and help me to Continue reading