The Inner Garden Club – Coaching Program

Inner Garden Club

The Inner Garden Club:  We are a community of spiritually intelligent women over 50 who are ready to blossom again by claiming or reclaiming our own power and by tending to one another’s souls.  Our aim is to be strong and in full bloom in every season of our lives as we grow in harmony with the Master Gardener and His design.  The Inner Garden Club is an emotionally safe mentoring environment for women to open up our hearts, share our stories, find comfort, and awaken to new possibilities with joy.

See My Garden Grow: A 6 week group coaching intensive focusing on the foundations of personal growth and developing authentic relationships through coaching conversations. This is for the woman who:   *Wants to explore personal growth and learn the relational dynamics of developing and enjoying rich relationships with herself and others.   *Wants to learn how to look within without being afraid to embark upon the journey of self-discovery, to love and honor who she is as she awakens to her identity in this present season.                                                                                                                                                            *Feels like she has slipped into caretaking mode and is losing herself, her connection with her spouse, and finds her soul starving for life-giving connection.   *Has experienced loss and desires to move forward, become fully alive again, finding both success and fulfillment in this season.   *Wants to reclaim a challenging relationship and needs the support, mentoring, and encouragement to “go there.”

Unlike most coaching programs, this program is designed for us to move forward together, as a united force.  You will receive both mentoring from Veronica as well as from a peer mentor, so your growth will be multi-dimensional.

TOPICS COVERED: 1. Identifying Your Seed:  Who are you?  What is your intention?  Intention, clarity, self-awareness 2. Preparing the Soil:  Opening your heart:  Getting emotionally cleared.   3. Planting the Seed:  Stepping out of the old and into the new—designing your garden plan.      4. Watering Your Garden, Soul-feeding conversations: Learning to nurture yourself and tend to others without losing who you are. Self-talk:  Moving from your Inner Critic to your Inner            Coach/Gardener, Part I  5. Watering Your Garden:  Soul-feeding Conversations:  Practicing Listening and Asking Powerful Questions for making heart-to-heart connections to nurture others, Part II  6. See My Garden Grow:  Taking imperfect action together into the unknown with the support of others cheering you on!

See My Garden Grow Program includes: 6 recorded coach trainings accessible on-line, 6 live guided interactive dialogue sessions ( 4 in person – 2 hours each,  2 teleconferences (via the phone)  75 minutes each), On-line private members community via Facebook, Weekly peer mentoring, Instruction notes, templates, and assignment sheets     $497



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