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Giving the Gift of Presence this Christmas

teddy and snoopy christmasHow to give the GIFT OF PRESENCE this year:

Yesterday I was in the post office, sending off a package to someone. While waiting in line, I heard the postman behind the counter belt out a sigh of total frustration as he exclaimed, “Christmas is not supposed to be about all this stress!” He was absorbing all the hectic, frantic, and emotional pressure of his customers. Who would better know the spirit of the culture at Christmas than the postman? From behind the long line, I looked at him and exclaimed back with a big smile, “I am not stressed out!” he looked at me like I was on another planet. “You aren’t are you,” he noticed. “Nope, I am giving the gift of presence this year, so I can’t be stresssssssssssssed out to do that. Merry Christmas!” I merrily proclaimed as he smiled and changed his emotional state.

If you want to give the gift of presence this year, take the time to go to another level of conversation. Continue reading