If You Want to Release More Potential, Play a Bigger Game!

Hello Friends! I am excited to announce that I am on the road to championship again this year!  The very first Senior Women’s U.S. Open is taking place mid-July and I am beginning to prepare for it NOW—because I want to play in it!

What is the best way to prepare for a championship?  Perhaps yours is not about golf, but everybody has a championship, whether it is your health, career, family, or another personal goal.  What is the best way to capture the win you anticipate?

I am discovering the best path to achieving “that goal way out there” is to fully put yourself into the energy of it NOW.  Even more important than a great swing is the state of being you operate out of.  To explain:  you can have all the right mechanics, but right mechanics alone don’t score victories.  You have to be in the spirit of the thing and work at it from a cellular level.  “That thing” has to be in your cells to manifest it.

It helps to have visual reminders of your big goal.  Last year after the Florida Women’s Open, I went out and bought this trophy which I found in a beautiful gift shop in Lakeland, Florida.  I put it by my other trophies to remind myself of the fine finish and the inner victories I scored in the Florida Women’s Open.

This year I went back to the same shop and found an even bigger trophy.  The moment I looked at that thing, I felt it looking at me and declaring, “If you want to release more of your potential this year, play a bigger game.”  I knew it was calling my name and represented the level of game I wanted to be in come July—a world class tournament that was at my level.  The question became, “Was I willing to prepare AT A WORLD CLASS LEVEL NOW?”  To call myself up higher, I bought the bigger trophy to symbolize the level of preparation I’d need to engage in to be ready for the bigger game I desired.  I also bought it to meditate on a bigger prize, which the trophy represented.

That’s why I decided to tee it up early to play on the Professional Women’s Golf Tour tournament next week.  It’s a 3 day event on the same course I will be playing in the Senior Women’s U.S. Open Qualifier on.  My main goal is to “locate myself” on that course to discover what I need to work on the next four months.  My entry into this tournament is also an announcement to every cell of my being, “Get ready!  We’re playing a bigger game this year!”  I fully expect to release more of my potential because I created a challenging space for that potential to release itself.

What about you?  Do you want to release more of your potential this year?  If so, play a bigger game.  Call yourself up higher. Take the risk. Make the investment in yourself.  Connect with that person.  Act on your big idea, desire, or dream.  Get out of wish mode and into full action mode.  Possess your trophy.  Join me on the road to championship!

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Prayer Requests:

My tee time on the LGPA International Hills Course is Monday, February 5th at 9:10 am starting on Hole #10.  Tuesday it is at 8:20 am.

Please pray for me, particularly for a strong start.

Development opportunities:

If you are interested in performance coaching, I now have my signature program, The Champion’s Way: Core Foundations for Achieving Peak Performance in Sports and Life on-line as a 12 Module Video Series.  If you are looking for a holistic system to continual advancement in your game—whether in sports or life—you will discover it here:  jointhechampionsway.com


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