Champion Mindset of the Week: Affirm the champion identity in yourself and others!

Champion Mindset of the Week:  Repeat after me:  “I AM a champion!  YOU are a champion!”

I often refer to my clients/students when I speak to them as “Champion Marilyn” or “Champion Sue.” I call them by the name that reflects how I see them, their true identity. I believe there is a champion in everyone.  It’s a powerful word, isn’t it?

Most people I come across do not see themselves as a champion.  When I was working at the Greg Norman CHAMPIONS Golf Academy, I would go out on the golf course and observe twelve 17 year old boys from Mexico play their game.  I would observe who would play like a champion and who would not.  I would not judge their champion identity from their score, but by how they carried themselves on the course–by how they conducted themselves and by what they demonstrated to me.

One day I was observing Fernando.  Watching him play, he looked like he was on the PGA tour.  If he hit a good shot, if he hit a bad shot, you could not tell how well or how poorly he was playing, because his emotions were so consistently calm.  I was so impressed with him, even though he was not having the best day score-wise.  When we got back to the classroom, I said in front of all the other boys, “Fernando, you are such a champion.  Today, I saw you behaving like a PGA player out there, I was so impressed.”  As I spoke into his champion identity, you could see that he never had anyone tell him what I was telling him about himself.  I could see that he was not seeing himself as I saw him, but as I spoke LIFE to him, I could see that he was drinking in affirmation about connecting to his true identity as a champion.

Within a matter of just a few weeks, he went out and won his first tournament.  I have to believe by making a deposit of identity affirmation to this young man, he was able to connect to his higher self and began to “play from his spirit.”

This past week I did not qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open.  I shot two rounds in the eighties.  This was a three year goal I had for myself.  The good news is, I did not sink in my emotions.  There was no despair or negativity whatsoever.  Why?  Because I had the power of others speaking to my champion identity. I felt so much love and affirmation through my Caddy Club support system which I intentionally created to give myself the encouragement I needed, that when I did not qualify, a wave of love washed any spirit of defeat off of my true champion identity which I define as an overcomer.

There is SO MUCH more to say about my journey that I want to share with you, but for this week, for just today, I want to encourage you to  live, work, and breathe from your champion identity—say to yourself outloud, “I am a champion!”  and then instead of judging o speaking about that person who you see is not living up to their true champion identity, go speak to the champion in someone else who can’t see what you see in them. Who knows?  There may be a first place finisher just waiting to emerge in them as there was in Fernando.  And even if there isn’t in the moment, you will call someone else up higher to be their best selves.  Isn’t that what we all need a little more of in our world, and what we all crave for, someone else to come along and help wash off the crud of negativity so that our excellent spirit can shine more powerfully?

Inspiring you to hit your best shot, Veronica

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