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Tomorrow is Valentines Day.  While people are offering  expressions of love to “that special someone,” I notice that there is a dearth of one kind of expression of love in particular. That is, the freedom to love and honor yourself.  In my coaching of mid-life women, I find this strong trend of women who have learned how to master the art of serving, submitting, and surrendering — but have trouble dreaming and achieving and LOVING themselves.  I can tell that a woman has entered her SECOND BLOSSOMING when she has made the decision to put herself first, not in a self-centered way, but in a “I matter, too, way.”  I have helped everyone else in my family blossom, and now it’s time for me!

Problem is, a lot of women don’t know what they truly want.  I was in the dentist chair this week and noticed the above blossom on the screen. “That reminds me of my Second Blossoming program,” I commented to the dental assistant.  Her ears perked up.  What do you mean?” she inquired as her spirit came to full attention.

I explained, “The Second Blossoming is a season of a woman’s life where what she has been doing isn’t working anymore.  A season of her life is completed and she yearns to step out of the old and into the new but doesn’t know how.”  “That’s me!” she exclaimed. My children are out of the home.  I am secure in my job, but I am ready for something new.  I’m yearning to soar into something new and spend this next 20 years of my life fully alive and significant.”  “That’s the Second Blossoming!” I replied.

I then invited her to join a company of women who are also ready to soar but need some flight training–some coaching and encouragement to soar into full bloom.  If that is you, and you are in the Va. Beach area, please join me on:

Saturday, February 28th from 10 am to noon                                     at The Spine Group, 2416 Virginia Beach Blvd., Va. Beach, VA            Contact: to Register            Only $25                                                                                                     Send yourself a shot of love today!


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