It’s Not About Golf: Energy Follows Focus

I’ve been thinking.  My whole U.S. Open Quest really isn’t about golf.  It’s not about getting back in the game again as much as it is getting back into life again.  Focusing on a sports target has helped me move forward with my life more than anything else–more than encouragement from friends, more than paying  someone to coach me, more than hoping, dreaming, wishing, more than crying, despairing, depressing myself; more than going to church.  Yep.  It’s true.  What picking a target and taking inspired imperfect action has done for me is to get the ball rolling in my life again.  Ten years ago I tried to qualify for the Open and spent six entire months preparing.  A sponsor covered all my expenses and I took dead aim on my goal. The only problem was, it was a results-oriented goal based on a one-day event.  When I didn’t make it, I crashed and burned.  I was so down that the only thing that inspired me was the devestation of 9-11 because I saw people rescuing people.  It has literally been ten years since I have picked up the pieces and gotten back in the game of my life again.  That’s a pitiful statement, but it’s true.  I believe I am not alone in that statement.  We allow a devastation to happen and then we dis-engage in life or work. We stay down for so long that inertia sets in and we might as well dig a hole and crawl in it, unless we take ACTION to re-engage. That is what I am doing.  All the prayer in the world will not replace taking inspired imperfect action.  I am learning that if you have a goal or objective that you have to keep your eyes on that goal and be resolute in it. At the same time, your goal can not be your god.  What is so marvelous about what I am going now is that when I am done with my time on the course, I am completely free to move onto another area of my life, and then I come back to golf when I am supposed to. Today, Sunday, I took the whole day off from golf as my sabbath.  I wrote, went to church, went out to lunch, did chores around the house, truly rested.  Well, for me this is a day of rest.  I want to keep God, God, and I want to pursue my goal from a place of wholeness, not performance orientation. Somehow in focusing on golf, it is causing my left-brain to engage again. It’s like I have put it on file for a long time.  It’s just getting plugged in again in an area I am well-familiar with, and the rest of me is responding.  When I sit down to do work, my mind is sharper, actually focused.  There are 67 girls who are trying to qualify for the most prestigious tournament in the world.  Three will make it.  I will be a very long shot if I make it, but if I don’t, I won’t bat an eye in sorrow.  I have already gained so much by doing my processes. I am beginning to believe in myself again, in God working sovereignly in my daily life, and in others. And if I do make it, I will shout it from the housetops, that God specializes in long shots!  Last night I was listening to Tony Campolo on The Hour of Power. He was talking about setbacks–but also about how the King Has One More Move.  When I lose my true move, I am going to put faith in the One who has One More Move.  It’s not over yet!  The King still has one more move!  I have been listening to some tapes by Gary Keesee on how to do business according to the principles of God’s Kingdom.  I have forgotten how I used to live by faith.  I have had so many setbacks that I lost my “operating faith” in God, in myself, and in others.  Not my salvivic faith, but my day to day faith.  Gary’s messages about creating wealth God’s way–how we have to have faith in Kingdom principles began to awaken my faith again.  My focus is not in my ability or lack of it, in my self-confidence or lack of it. My focus in on God’s operating principles and my putting them into action in my life.  It’s about faith.  I am feeling God’s strength beginning to pour into my weaknesses.  I will arise! I am arising!

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