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I just returned from the Tennessee Women’s Open, an event that put me back “on the road to championship.”  Whether you are a golfer or not, we all have a championship.  A dream.  A goal. Okay, for some of you…a wish!  How to you go from just thinking about that thing to springing into action?

The only way is to LEAN INTO IT.  Maybe you are not convinced that thing that has been stirring around in your imagination is for you.  How will you know unless you take some action?  You can at least take a first step and LEAN INTO IT!  Take one step!  The only way to move out of the old and into the new is to take a step into what will potentially MOVE YOUR FORWARD.

I did just that with this event. I was in the middle of moving.  Yes, moving!  I found out this tournament, which I have played in before, has a Senior Women’s Division for the first time this year.  About a month out from the tournament, I found out about it.  Here’s what made LEANING INTO IT a reality and a fantastic experience:  I MADE ROOM FOR IT.  I gave it my attention, my focus.  I honored my dream of playing competitive golf even as a senior!

I discovered the tournament was two days.  You could ride a cart.  And they offered private housing to make it affordable.  It was doable for me, although I have played in maybe 6 rounds of golf this year.  I had to make room for it!  I opened up my mind to WHY I should play in it:  to get my body moving again.  To put my foot in the water of competitive golf.  To fall back into my life again—championships make me feel fully alive.  I stepped out to raise some sponsorship.  Figured out what I needed to do to prepare for my move early.  And then I just LEANED INTO IT.  I did it.

The result?  An amazing week of friendship, relationship, moving physically–all out, seeing how I still had game–and even finishing second in the pro senior division.  I played from such a spirit of victory. I located myself—all the struggles of the past season were producing something brand new in my spirit. I could taste and see that God had done something good.  No bad shot “got into me.”  It just rolled off my back.  I encouraged a player to play “from a spirit of victory, not disappointment,” when she injured her knee and didn’t think she could play.  It was marvelous!  A whole week of nothing but encouragement, affirmation, acceptance, and celebration.

What wish, dream, or championship is awaiting you?  Lean into it.  Make room for it.  And then step out and realize it!  You will be stepping out of the old and into the new when you do.  You deserve it!

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