4 Comeback Keys You Can Learn from Tiger Woods’ PGA Championship

Yesterday was an amazing day of watching Tiger Woods almost win.  Actually, that is not a true statement.  While he did not take home the PGA Championship, Tiger Woods did win big.  There’s nothing like seeing a champion make a comeback after debilitating setback in his personal and professional life.

Beyond the golf world, the entire sports world was cheering him on as he inspired the inner champion in all of us.  His play was a visible demonstration of what the human spirit is capable of achieving even after the most notable loss.  How does Tiger Woods’ journey of champion redemption speak to the heart of a champion in you and me?  How does Tiger’s journey help someone who has experienced setback shift from spectator to player once again?  Consider 4 P’s to step back inside the ropes of championship after loss:

  1. Tiger acknowledged his pain. He didn’t deny it, but worked through it.  He dealt with it and refused to let it cause him to quit.  In his press interview, he mentioned how painful it was—harder than one would imagine—his journey to comeback was.  Part of that pain was taking ownership of his present limitation.  Since no one had ever swung a club like he did with having a spinal fusion, he had to figure some things out for himself and by himself.  If he had run from the pain, he never would have figured it out.

Champion Comeback Key #1:  Don’t run, hide or deny your pain.  Start with your pain and face it straight on.

  1. The road to comeback doesn’t happen all at once.  He commented that he did not know if he could play golf again.  In the time of “not knowing,” it required great patience for him to journey down the road of discovery—and not care what people thought about his “testing and trying,” giving competitive golf a shot again, taking time off, figuring out if he could re-capture his swing speed and game in the midst of his physical challenges.  A year ago, he never thought he would be in contention again for not one, but two major championships.

Champion Comeback Key #2:  Give yourself time and patience as you take steps forward to discover your comeback potential and what you are capable of achieving.

  1. About winning the PGA Championship and being in contention, he said numerous times, “I had to try.” He had to try to win. He had to try to shoot a low score. He had to try to see what he was capable of. He had to try to find a swing the final day. I often say to my coaching clients, “You can’t win if you don’t enter.”  The biggest win sometimes is just entering.  By entering, over and over again, Tiger Woods gave himself a chance to win.  Let’s face it. He had every reason to rationalize quitting:  “I have enough money and accomplishments.  It’s time to focus on raising my kids exclusively. What will people think of me? I need to play it safe and guard my back. If I don’t what I can do, why risk the unknown? It’s too painful and strenuous to try again.”  He put himself in a position to win because he chose to “be in pursuit” instead of quitting.

Champion Comeback Key #3:  Take inspired imperfect action.  Get off the couch and be in pursuit.

  1. Over and over again, he spoke about perspective:  “I’m grateful to be able to play again.  I didn’t know if I could….My kids aren’t thinking about my golf.  They are thinking about school, so that’s all that I am talking to them about….The positive vibes from the crowd were tremendous.” It was a beautiful sight to see Tiger stop for a moment and acknowledge the crowds on his way to the scoring tent.  He got that his energy was fueled by the crowd’s energy.  He then went on to hug Brooks for his win.  He was hopeful he would play in the Ryder Cup. In both words and humble demeanor, the re-emerging Tiger Woods expressed a holistic viewpoint on competition and life. It was now all in perspective. I often say, “Wholeness is a combination of performance and relationship.”  You could see an expression of both from him.

Champion Comeback Key #4:  Pain and setback will produce a new perspective in you.  Capture and live out that healthy viewpoint as you get back on the road to championship.

While you may never play in a major championship, you don’t have to remain a spectator in sports or life. Maybe you have experienced a setback in your own life, one that has produced shame, pain, loss, and limitation.  That same champion spirit in Tiger Woods, applied to your life, will get you back on the road to championship as well.  Why?  Because I believe there is a champion in everyone. I believe there is a champion in you!

To review, here are the 4 P’s to releasing your comeback potential, expressed from a place of identity:

  1. Champions face their pain head on.
  2. Champions take full ownership of their condition and patiently engage in the process of incremental discovery over time.
  3. Champions never quit. They pursue. They know the only way to get through a failed championship—in life or sports—is to enter another championship.
  4. Champions have a holistic perspective on life, sport, and “what it’s all about.” They have a healthy balance of performance and vital relationships.

Adopt these 4 Champion Comeback Keys and who knows where you’ll end up—maybe in contention for a major championship.  Like Tiger Woods, you’ll be saying about yourself, “It’s a miracle!”

Veronica Karaman is a peak performance coach, pro golfer, and writer who loves to inspire the champion within others. (Visit jointhechampionsway.com or reach her at veronicakaraman@gmail.com)










On the Road to Championship: The Sting of Subtraction– NOT!

I stood in the fairway, mad as hell. Yep, it’s true. I, who rarely experience a “risen anger,” couldn’t hold the emotion back. I was in the middle of a championship qualifier. I wanted to make it–and now I had to to contend with an outside factor that I hadn’t planned on: my caddy giving me wrong yardage. What the #$@#!?

It happened numerous times. It’s the last thing I needed in the moment of pressure. A wrong calculation–he subtracted when he should have added. Then I had to do the calculations myself. It made me mad because the last thing I needed to give energy to was to oversee “incorrect calculations.” His inaccuracy led to my anger which led to poor shotmaking–his emotions rose up, too–calm gave way to anger which led to poor shotmaking which gave way to a score 11 shots higher than my previous round. If he had just added instead of subtracted—the result would have contributed to my advancing, rather than to a defeat.

The sting of subtracting when you should be adding—that thought hit me hard as I read something that had nothing to do with golf, but how we make decisions about our lives. Many times in the heat of a pressured situation, we decide to subtract instead of add. Many times we are not even conscious of the DIRECTION OF OUR DECISION. We make a decision based on survival, what keeps us safe, rather than on adding which makes us grow. We honor a limiting belief which subtracts us, keeping us stuck, rather than on pursuing a dream, which adds to us. We remain silent in a conflict, which subtracts from our connection, rather than speaking the truth in love, which adds to us. We judge when we should be open. We run when we should stand. We wait to be acted upon rather than acting. We listen to others voices rather than our own–and as a result, we lose when we could win. STOP THE MADNESS!!

What are you subtracting from your life that you should be adding/multiplying? What are you losing as a result of the direction of your decision? If you want to move forward, make the kind of choice that will ADD to your life, not SUBTRACT.

I was further convicted by reading a very insightful post by someone who some consider to be prophetic. Here is an excerpt from Nate Johnson:

“There is a word that keeps being illuminated in my spirit for weeks now: MULTIPLY. I kept hearing it as a command from the Holy Spirit: Multiply, multiply, multiply. Multiply means to cause to increase greatly in number or quantity, and in Hebrew means increase, abundance, enlarge, and greatness.

“Adam and Eve were told to be fruitful and multiply. Abraham was told to multiply and become the father of many nations. Jacob grew and multiplied. Even in captivity in Egypt, Israel grew and multiplied…Job who lost everything then found himself not only restored but MULTIPLIED.”

“Being a multiplier” is in the very nature of God. Since you are made in His image, you have the ability and capacity inside of you to ADVANCE–to ADD GREATLY—and not to SUBTRACT and DIMINISH.

Then I thought about how God must feel when He wants us to make decisions that will advance His agenda and His kingdom in our lives and we don’t take action. He must get angry, just like I did on the course because He wants to succeed in His agenda, but needs you and I to come into alignment with His purposes and to step out and trust Him in the process.

If you are in a place wanting to advance your life, step back and consider how you make your decisions. Will that decision and the way you make it ADD to you or SUBTRACT from you. If you will make the decision that will multiply you, you are on the road to championship! You will win!

When I was challenged to share my story of my competitive journey, and invite others in to my journey, it was a decision that added to my life. I have been so blessed by the affirmations and validations I received regarding my writing and the inspiration it has brought to others. Even in my defeat, I was added unto, as a result of my own decision. There’s a win awaiting you–just make the decision to ADD–to MULTIPLY. Make it a MULTIPLYING DECISION. It is there you will find the blessing of God! It’s time to say good-bye to shrinking thinking–and WIN!

(P.S. I have processed my on course experience and only share from a place of story-telling to make a larger point, and to multiply an inner win for others.)

On the Road to Championship: Finding Gold in the Breakdown

A prominent sports psychologist explains the difference between high performers and those who aren’t. One of the differences is the willingness to go to the edge of your emotional stability. How can you pursue your potential if you are not willing to test/explore the limits of your own capacities? When you take the leap to “go for it,” and it doesn’t happen, there is a definite pain in going to the edge of your capacity. I have felt that pain after my defeat.

I thought I was doing fine, until two days ago, I was heading in my car to New Smryna Beach, where I have a favorite spot to do my work. All of a sudden, I burst out crying. It was more than crying, however. It was a total meltdown, and I didn’t even understand it. All I knew was that something hit me—something inside needed to be released and it was a meltdown. I thought I was okay, but knew I was hitting rock bottom for a reason.

I turned the car around and headed home. I did not want to sit in isolation, so I immediately called a few friends in my crisis moment. It’s interesting to me how people react to an immediate crisis need. One friend started preaching a sermon to me. “Sorry! I don’t need that right now!” I said. Another said, “Go to a bookstore and do some reading.” Give me a break! I don’t need a bandaid on a tsunami. Another started talking about her story when I needed someone to just hear mine for a moment. Another said, “Veronica, I will BE with you. I will come over and pray with you.” Bingo. She came, she sat, she listened with intent, she prayed. She CARED for me–and somehow in my journey, I have needed the tangible essence of care. She offered that in my breakdown moment.

But something else happened right after that. It stunned me. The attention turned to her and her challenges. We began talking about a certain relationship she was in–one where she was being treated as “less than” the quality person she was–and the dynamics of false submission she was playing into that was bringing unnecessary suffering upon herself. She needed to release her own suppressed voice of leadership which was the opposite movement of what she was doing.

All of a sudden, the gold–not the golf! LOL—started rising up in me. This amazing wisdom–perfectly articulated for her situation came gushing out of me. Another kind of tsunami–a flood of impartation, guidance, and empowerment for her.

I stopped right in the middle of what I was saying, realizing the shift that was taking place in me. “Oh my gosh! My entire state of mental/emotional being just shifted. I feel this power coming out of the center of who I am!” It was an amazing GOLD MEDAL MOMENT, realizing right in the middle of my messy emotions, I had power immediately accessible to me that came out when my attention turned towards helping another.

In the act of reaching out to another in my breakdown, discerning who the right person was to meet my need, I also came to see that I was also the right person to meet my need! LOL. We met one another’s needs. It was a beautiful empowering moment.

I share this because emotions fuel everything. They cannot be denied. They have to be processed and dealt with. Behind the emotions, however, is something more. Something deeper. It’s the wisdom you gain from your walk that is meant to be shared, released, and multiplied into another.

I believe this is the beauty and power of love-based performance. I don’t hide my pain. I process it. And it has to be done so in relationship for the best and most expedient outcome. Part of that is knowing who the right person is to minister to you in the moment. You want to find the sweetspot, not a glancing blow, to meet your need.

This was just one of the breakthroughs that came from my breakdown–but that’s for another post!

Through this process I have heard from so many of you who expressed blessing–and your own need to arise from defeat and advance to victory in this season. As a result, I will be offering The Champion’s Way: Training for Reigning life-coaching course again shortly. If you would like to apply to be a part of this small group master class, please reach out to me:
veronica@truechampioncoaching.com. It’s time to find your gold, arise from defeat and advance to victory!

The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat, and the Joy of Learning

The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Defeat, and the Joy of Learning:

I just got off the phone with my dear friend, Michele. We were talking about my recent writings on the journey on the road to championship. She thanked me for my writings and then concluded: “Most people don’t think that deeply about their performances–just whether they succeeded or failed.

What ensued was a beautiful discussion on how to look at a performance. We may not all think deeply about how a performance happened, but we all certainly FEEL deeply about the outcome of a performance. You can’t escape the impact of a performance one way or the other.

Often the thrill of a victory lasts only a moment and the pain of a defeat can last a lifetime. The key is not in the OUTCOME of the performance, but how you LOOK AT IT. It’s not in the pain of the defeat or the pleasure of the victory, but the PARADIGM of your PHILOSOPHY.

Many years ago, I launched off into the deep to fully focus on reaching a certain golf goal. I spent 6 months in laser focus mode. When I didn’t accomplish my goal, Humpy Dumpy fell off the wall and did not get back up again for almost a decade.What happened? I had a faulty paradigm based only on 2 variables: success or failure. VIctory or defeat. When it did not happen, I became a victim of my own mindset. My mistake was how I looked at my journey, which was ONLY defined by the RESULT. I unnecessarily brought suffering upon myself because my focus was on an event–and there was nothing behind that event.

I spent years figuring out how to “go all in,” “push to the limits of my capacity” and avoid the “falling off the cliff syndrome” that I had experienced. Here’s what I found that transformed my fear of a future pursuit: My problem was my paradigm.
When I shifted to a process-oriented paradigm, of ONLY focusing on the processes to get me to my goal, and not the goal, there was joy in the journey. There was also joy in the defeat–because it was in the defeat that I found meaning, the greatest amount of learning, and all that added to my next pursuit.

If you will add the variable of “the joy of learning” to your paradigm of success, it will greatly enhance your life and your success. If you go even further and edit your paradigm to “either success or learning,” you will advance down the road to championship even further. The pain of failure = treasure chest of learning = wisdom for the next round = set up for success. Take the time to discover the joy of learning which happens most AFTER a performance.

What kinds of lessons have you learned after a defeat?

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Test Yourself


Champions stand out by their ability to hit shots under pressure with ease and calm. How can you see if you are in the champion zone?  There’s only one way.  You have to test yourself.  Not everyone will put himself to the test.

Testing creates pressure.  Pressure reveals where you stand on the champ-o-meter scale.

Last week I decided to test myself.  I entered a tournament that was bigger than my current state of play. I knew it. I did it anyway. It was an intentional choice. Why?  I wanted to test myself to see where I stood in my training for my big championship down the road.  I could have waited until I was more fully prepared.  I chose a different strategy. I decided to test myself to see what I needed to do to prepare. The pressure in the test would reveal those things to me.

My test revealed four things:  a champion spirit, a champion character, a childhood wound, and a backslidden golf swing–the good, the bad, and the ugly. Because a tournament places a demand on every part of my being, every part of my being revealed itself.  From what was hidden even to myself to what was obvious, I located myself.  Now I know what I need to work on to fully engage for my upcoming championship.

My backslidden golf swing was a result of changing the pacing of my swing.  When I reverted back to a slower pace, my new swing appeared the very next day.  Lesson:  perfect my pacing under pressure. The childhood wound was addressed by an opportunity to give to others the very thing I did not receive myself.  Lesson: impart more of what I gained from that experience to others.  Those lessons go beyond my head. They reach a cellular level.  When your preparations reach a cellular level, you are on the road to championship.

One of the reasons King David was a champion was that he invited testing.  While a king, a warrior, a worshipper, and a man after God’s heart, he wasn’t afraid to be tested.  “Test me, O Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind, for your love is ever before me, and I walk continually in your truth” (Psalm 26:2).

What comes out of you when you are tested?  What does pressure produce in you?  Do you remain the  calm and relaxed person under pressure as you are without the pressure? Who do you become? If you are the same person—hitting your shots under pressure with calm and ease, welcome to the champion zone.  If not, examine what the pressure reveals to you and work on your game along with me.





Tournament Day 1: Things That Disappear

Today was a day of things disappearing!  I fully prepared everything I needed to play the first day of my mini-tour event until I stepped up to the first tee.  I realized that I left my range finder somewhere on the driving range of another golf course!  I had to walk all the yardages off old school—which were not as accurate, especially into the wind, as my range finder is!

Then my swing disappeared!  I wanted to use this tournament to “locate myself” with all the new swing changes I have been making.  I wanted to know how it would hold up under pressure. My swing was great on the practice tee, but the young tweety-birds I was playing with hit the ball hard and fast.  In order for me to hit it well, I have to hit it hard and slow.  Fortunately, I was able to discern how to recapture my “disappearing swing,” and hit it great again on the practice tee after my round.  I will do better tomorrow because now I know better.

During the course of my round, I then hit a shot in a sand trap. No matter how much we looked for it, we could not find it.  There was not even a trace of where it went into the trap. It just disappeared!  Yikes!

The biggest disappearance was the professional atmosphere which I invested $600 in to enjoy in this event.  One of the girls’ father was caddying for her and thought this was a good day to interject his rather boisterous comments into the round, disturbing my play, and turning a professional experience into a strange kind of social one. I had to stop numerous times to address the fly in the ointment.

In the midst of a day of disappearances, a few things appeared and rather noticeably at that.  Upon learning that my goal was to play in this year’s Senior Women’s U.S. Open, my playing partner spoke something beautiful and totally sincere into my life.  In a moment of reflection and clarity, she said, “I can see you playing in that.”  She saw the champion in me and spoke to it.  I can’t begin to tell you how much that meant to me in the middle of shooting a round in the “not so low eighties”!

The father of the other player came marching over to me after the round exclaiming, “You are one class act. The way you handled the other father was truly impressive.”  I was stunned–and blessed that he saw something standout in me despite my poor score.

While my range finder, lost ball in in the sand, professional atmosphere and swing disappeared, I was blessed with the evidence of my character and champion spirit showing up in full display.

Capturing that inner win–along with the re-appearance of my swing after the round—gave me a reassurance that tomorrow will be better–and hopefully, a lower score will appear as well!


If You Want to Release More Potential, Play a Bigger Game!

Hello Friends! I am excited to announce that I am on the road to championship again this year!  The very first Senior Women’s U.S. Open is taking place mid-July and I am beginning to prepare for it NOW—because I want to play in it!

What is the best way to prepare for a championship?  Perhaps yours is not about golf, but everybody has a championship, whether it is your health, career, family, or another personal goal.  What is the best way to capture the win you anticipate?

I am discovering the best path to achieving “that goal way out there” is to fully put yourself into the energy of it NOW.  Even more important than a great swing is the state of being you operate out of.  To explain:  you can have all the right mechanics, but right mechanics alone don’t score victories.  You have to be in the spirit of the thing and work at it from a cellular level.  “That thing” has to be in your cells to manifest it.

It helps to have visual reminders of your big goal.  Last year after the Florida Women’s Open, I went out and bought this trophy which I found in a beautiful gift shop in Lakeland, Florida.  I put it by my other trophies to remind myself of the fine finish and the inner victories I scored in the Florida Women’s Open.

This year I went back to the same shop and found an even bigger trophy.  The moment I looked at that thing, I felt it looking at me and declaring, “If you want to release more of your potential this year, play a bigger game.”  I knew it was calling my name and represented the level of game I wanted to be in come July—a world class tournament that was at my level.  The question became, “Was I willing to prepare AT A WORLD CLASS LEVEL NOW?”  To call myself up higher, I bought the bigger trophy to symbolize the level of preparation I’d need to engage in to be ready for the bigger game I desired.  I also bought it to meditate on a bigger prize, which the trophy represented.

That’s why I decided to tee it up early to play on the Professional Women’s Golf Tour tournament next week.  It’s a 3 day event on the same course I will be playing in the Senior Women’s U.S. Open Qualifier on.  My main goal is to “locate myself” on that course to discover what I need to work on the next four months.  My entry into this tournament is also an announcement to every cell of my being, “Get ready!  We’re playing a bigger game this year!”  I fully expect to release more of my potential because I created a challenging space for that potential to release itself.

What about you?  Do you want to release more of your potential this year?  If so, play a bigger game.  Call yourself up higher. Take the risk. Make the investment in yourself.  Connect with that person.  Act on your big idea, desire, or dream.  Get out of wish mode and into full action mode.  Possess your trophy.  Join me on the road to championship!

If you would like to engage with me and share what your championship is, please do so on my Facebook page where this writing is posted at Veronica Karaman Coaching.

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Please pray for me, particularly for a strong start.

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Veronica Karaman

My Story Poem of the Two Women Behind Christmas: Mary and Elizabeth

I share this story in honor of my mother, who passed away December 22, 2017.  She was the most impossible person in my life who died my best friend.  Through my determination to reach her heart before she passed, a learned a few things about reaching hearts and the purposes of God in women’s—relatives’ lives. I hope this message blesses and inspires you, which I wrote in 1990.  It is the story of the two women behind the birth of Christ:  Mary and Elizabeth.

Most people think that Christmas is a time of celebrating Christ’s birth,                                              But Christmas is first the story of two special women here on earth.

This story I am going to share is God’s message to your heart,                                                          So listen up, I’m about to start.

Together let’s go back some 2,000 years                                                                                                  And examine the lives to two spiritual peers.

One’s name was Mary, whom some say was just a teen,                                                                        The other’s, Elizabeth, was too old to be seen.

Now to Mary an angel appeared one night.                                                                                         The divine interruption caused her great fright.

But the angel said, “Cool your jets sweetheart,                                                                                    For to you a vision I’m about to impart.”

You will conceive and give birth to God’s son,                                                                                      For your destiny’s appointment has finally come.

What’s more, your relative Elizabeth is almost due,                                                                            You see she’s pregnant with a very important Jew.

For with God, nothing is impossible you know.                                                                                  He’s able to bring down the proud, and lift up the low—ly.

Mary’s response was one of admirable submission,                                                                        “May it be to me as you have said,” was her admission.

Now the point I want to convey is quite clear,                                                                                        So listen up, this I want you to hear.

All this happened while Mary was preparing for her wedding,                                                          But instead of going to Joseph’s, to Elizabeth’s she was heading.

Just think of Mary giving up prime romance time,                                                                                 To visit her old relative without even a murmur or a whine.

Consider this too, she wasn’t just going across the street,                                                                    It was a hundred mile, five day journey before these two women would meet.

Mary couldn’t call ahead on her cellular phone,                                                                                With no prior notice, Mary left for Liz’s home.

Mind you, to Liz’s Southwest had no discounted route,                                                                   With no Mastercard, Mary certainly had no financial clout.

In simple faith to the angel’s word                                                                                                       Mary responded to what she heard.

The Scripture says out of town she did hurry,                                                                                    Leaving behind her lover without even a worry.

The reason behind her actions is difficult to perceive.                                                                       Why was it important for this young maiden to leave?

Let’s take a deeper look into this story                                                                                                With a little insight we’ll discover some meaning, and some of God’s glory.

Now imagine the total sense of loneliness Mary must have had,                                                       To be the only one in history to conceive without the baby’s dad.

No one in the world could identify with Mary’s feelings,                                                                Except for someone else who could relate to supernatural dealings.

That person was an old woman,                                                                                                            Once barren, now miraculously pregnant with a son.

Yes, Elizabeth could believe Mary’s story at this stage,                                                              Because of her own story of conceiving well past age.

In spending time with Elizabeth, Mary would find comfort,                                                         Whereas hanging around Joseph, she could have been hurt.

In Elizabeth, Mary found understanding and confirmation,                                                            Instead of feeling isolation, she felt elation.

For when Mary and Elizabeth finally greeted,                                                                                      With joy and blessing Mary was treated.

Aunt Liz never said, “Hey, my own morning sickness I’m feeling.                                                            I can’t be concerned with your prenatal healing.”

She never said, “Don’t bother me. I’ve been in five month’s seclusion.                                            Your coming here is just some heavenly delusion.”

She never scolded Mary for no advance notice.                                                                                        No, there was no sign of anything but bliss.

There was John the Baptist in the womb doing stunts.                                                                    What a welcome of Mary’s stay of three months!

God’s bringing together of these two women in Him,                                                                             A more loving plan there couldn’t have been.

At the same time in two individual, but related lives,                                                                        Was a greater sovereign work, God’s so wise.

Strengthening one another prior to the birth of their visions in the Lord,                                            What a joy it must have been, even to God, to see them in such one accord.

God in His infinite grace and wisdom from above                                                                    Entwined a barren old woman and young maiden in divine love.

The story ends with Mary returning home just before Elizabeth is due                                           We can now raise the question, “What does all of this mean to me and you?”

I thought you’d never ask. I’m now going to end this rhyme, but will continue sharing from my heart for a few more moments of time.

Travel with me now some 2,000 years ahead in time, to your town.  Drive down your main street, turn into your driveway. Peer into another meeting of Marys and Elizabeths.

In your life, there are many Marys, that is, young saints of God who are about to give birth to a vision, women who need an Elizabeth.

In your life, there are many Elizabeths, seasoned saints of God, who have experienced a lot of life and a lot of God.  Perhaps, however, you are feeling a little barren, and a little lonely.  You are having trouble realizing that someone else could empathize with your feelings.  You need the encouragement and refreshment of a Mary.

Now I am talking about more than the linking up of two friends.  I’m talking about receiving what you are lacking in your spirit.

The name “Mary” means “incense unto God.”  Mary represents that which is fresh, fragrant, delightful, savory, holy, worshipful, prayerful, new.  The name Elizabeth means “my God has sworn.”  Elizabeth represents that which is steadfast, true, full of promise, unchanging, faithful, and perhaps “old.”

What will it take for the spirit of Mary to link up with the spirit of Elizabeth?  What will it take in your life in those places that need the affirmation of an Elizabeth to link up with the freshness of a Mary?  What will it take in your life to break out of those potentially lonely places to experience the loveliness that God has in store for you? It will take the same thing it took Mary and Elizabeth.  It will take risking relationship.

Both Mary and Elizabeth had to risk relationship in order for each one to receive the fullness that God had intended for them prior to the birthing of their visions.  Consider the stigma placed on both.

When Mary surrendered to the will of God she gave up the last vestige of living for herself.  She risked losing Joseph and any hopes for happiness in marriage.  She laid her reputation in the community on the line when she surrendered to the will of God.  Her very life was at stake, for a woman to be found with child out of wedlock was to be stoned to death under the Law.

Consider Elizabeth.  It was a shameful thing for a woman to be barren.  In Bible times, it was considered to be a punishment from God for a woman to be childless.  Often friends and relatives questioned their piety.  Women often suffered reproach from others, as their family and friends wrongly judged her, thinking, “If she was right with God, He would bless her with children.”

Mary was going to stay with a woman who was looked down upon in society.  She had to overlook the stigma of shame attached to Elizabeth.  Elizabeth had to overlook the possible consequences of Mary’s situation.  She would be welcoming into her home a woman who potentially deserved death.  With so much going against them in the natural, what was it that enabled them to link up with one another to find the fullness of God in their relationship?

The answer is simple.  Both Mary and Elizabeth had submitted their relationships to His Lordship.  They were able to experience the flow of God in their lives because they allowed God to be in control.  As such, they could respond to the spirit, and without fear.  And in doing so, instead of experiencing loneliness and confusion, they both experienced comfort and consolation.  God has a Mary for every Elizabeth, and an Elizabeth for every Mary.

Don’t miss your divine appointment this Christmas season.  God has a Mary or Elizabeth for you!  Open up your eyes and heart to see her….and don’t be afraid to cross the great divide of differences to connect spirit to spirit.  He wants to bless you!

There was someone in my life with whom I felt “the great divide.”  It was my mother.  But it was precisely my mother to whom God was sending me to be my Elizabeth.

The most impossible person in my life was my mother.  I prayed for 25 years, “God don’t take my mother until I know her.”  At 85, when she was given 6 months to live due ot a terminal heart condition, I knew it was my season to get to know Mom.  I tried everything to reach her, but nothing worked until I took Mom out on the golf course.  I taught her how to play golf at 85!  It was amazing!  Mom and I developed a perfect friendship on the golf course.  Our friendship grew.  At 88, I helped her start her own house-cleaning business, and took her on a legacy vacation to Nova Scotia.  At 89, she started public speaking.  At 90, I entered her into her first golf tournament, the Grandma Open, which I created just for her!  At 91, she died my best friend.  Together, and through the grace of God, we turned 6 months into 7 years—and created a whole new legacy for us in her latter days.  If God can do it for us, He can do it for you!!

An additional application to the Mary/Elizabeth story:

Christmas is a time when families get together, and so often there is great joy, and so often there is great pain.  Celebration and loneliness.  Joy and bitterness.  Love and estrangement.  I believe that God wants to do a work in families this Christmas—to bring a leap of hope in the womb of your family this Christmas.  I believe God wants to build bridges, carve out destinies, fashion fresh hope, grant understanding, have you unwrap gifts of encouragement and faith.  How will it happen?  By taking the same steps Mary and Elizabeth did:

  1. They responded to the inner voice of the Spirit.  What is God prompting you to do?
  2. Mary traveled the distance to see Elizabeth.  Sometimes it is stressful to put forth the effort to travel and pay the price to make the trip—but do it!
  3. They both looked beyond social stigmas.  Okay, your Aunt Betty may be losing her memory and tell how when she grew up she only had one pair of shoes, so why do you need another pair—but there is a treasure of God in her for you if you will look beyond the things that separate you to the things that bring you together.
  4. They shared something  in common:  They were both pregnant.  Share what you have in common that brings you together, and gets you looking forward.
  5. God was accomplishing His divine will through relatives.  Many times we do not believe in a divine purpose with our families—we may believe in demonic purpose!  God wants us to believe in something good—and to receive His good.  Open your heart to the new thing God wants to do.
  6. Their visit had limits.  After three months Mary returned home.  Know your limits on your trip.  Don’t stay longer than what drains you of your energy and spirit.  Many people say three days is a good amount of time to spend with relatives.  Don’t feel guilty for not feeling able to stay longer.   Creating a lasing memory is more important than how long the visit lasts.
  7. Be courageous.  Both Mary and Elizabeth took relational risks to connect.  Take your risk in the Lord.  Guard your heart and go!

If you want a more detailed coach training on how to get a relationship turnaround or special connection with a loved one this Christmas, please visit:


I will show you how to send out a shot of joy!


Veronica Karaman

Author, The Mary-Elizabeth Story

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